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Valour Pop wall screeding paint is a professional-quality paint designed for both internal and external screeding of walls. Reinforced with white dolomite and weather stable pigments, it provides an excellent finished appearance to walls. Valour P.O.P. is fortified with lightfast and weather stable pigments and guaranteed to give a very smooth finish. It is resistant to alkali because of its special build and pigments contained therein.

Internal and external screeding of walls.

The emulsion is used to prepare your walls and ceilings before painting to guarantee a luxurious finish. Wide coverage, good hide, and ease to use are some of its key properties. Additionally, it is the best solution for coating finish walls, ceilings and for creating architectural designs.

Available in The Nigerian market

Among the several brands of POP Wall Screeding Paints available in the Nigerian market, Valour Paints provides you with the most superior POP Wall Screeding Paint to bring out the beauty and quality of your building or wall surfaces.

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Valour Paints

& Features

  • Designed for easy application (Almost every wall craft artisan can apply or handle on walls).
  • Good hide and coverage provide a uniform finish.
  • Provides an easy solution for interior walls and a puniness surface.
  • Can’t be applied on moist surfaces- Quick drying time.
  • Favored by professional construction teams.
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